Holy Communion is offered every Sunday.

The Lord’s Supper, we remember our Savior’s institution of the new covenant of His body and blood. On the eve of His suffering and death, the Lamb of God thought of us and cared for us, even to the giving of this extraordinary gift by such ordinary means. As His gift is received, we also remember His care and concern for the truth of God’s Word. Believing that the Bible clearly sets forth doctrinal unity for those receiving the sacrament together, we practice close communion as ask guests desiring to commune to kindly speak with the Pastor before the service.

Worship Times

Sunday Service at 9:00 a.m.

Past Sermons

September 12, 2021

Gospel Reading: Mark 9: 14-29

Sermon: “Help my unbelief.”, Rev. Brian Rohde

November 28, 2021

Gospel Reading: Luke 19: 28-44

Sermon: “The Coming King”, Rev. Dr. John C. Wohlrabe, Jr., CAPT, CHC, USN (Retired), 2nd Vice President LCMS, Great Lakes Regional Vice President LCMS